About The Book
AA-Not The Only Way is an informative guide that not only provides the consumer with alternatives to the traditional 12-step approach, but also has organized into a comprehensive directory who offers this kind of help and where exactly one can go. You can not find all of this information, all in one place, anywhere else!

UNCOVER – Startling facts, such as that AA only works for 5%, leaving 95% people needing alternative solutions. Find out, What Works? What Doesn’t?

DISCOVER – There are many alternatives, and they are listed here with all the contact information that you need, i.e., phone numbers, emails, web addresses, and links to important articles and books.

DISCARD – No longer have to keep old ideas that don’t work for you, and can start thinking/questioning for yourself, based on scientific research.

Who is this publication for?

Ultimately, it is for anyone who can not get sober, or who simply does not want to get sober using a 12-step approach. So, if you:

Chronically Relapse – Been in and out of rehabs, sober livings, AA, NA, or any other 12-step program, and have been trying to get sober but just end up more hopeless than before.

Don’t want a “spiritual” program – Most of the alternative self-help groups do not require a belief in a “Higher Power” in order to achieve sobriety.

Don’t want to attend meetings the rest of your life, etc.

This publication is also for:

Professionals dealing with addiction – This is now another tool to not only raise awareness in themselves, but also to have for their clients, and their families.

Owners/Managers of Rehabs, Sober Livings, Hospitals and Other Institutions
– This resource guide can be a vital addition to any treatment program, especially at the discharge planning phase. Being in a safe, loving environment for a period of time often makes returning to real life quite difficult and overwhelming. Having the various types of help available right at their fingertips would be extremely beneficial, particularly if they were not one of the fortunate ones who were able to stay sober solely with the help of a 12-step program.