Helpful Websites

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Please note: I have listed these resources in order to help you get further information regarding treatment and websites regarding various topics on alternatives to 12-step programs. I am not affiliated, nor do I endorse any of them...they are for informational purposes only.

     Provides large amount of information, including "tool box for change," links to AA alternatives and to Dr. Kern's free 15 minute consultation (See also

Addiction Intervention Resources

    National addiction consulting organization that can provide intervention services, escort services to and from treatment facilities and individual mentoring.

Addiction Resource Center Inc.

     Provides links to many different alternatives, and puts them into categories, according to their belief models, such as whether or not they believe it's a disease or not, spiritual or not, etc.

Addiction Resource Guide

    Can help you find the treatment facility that best suits your needs.

American Council on Alcoholism

    Provides information on alcohol and drug use, treatment information, and links to various articles and websites.

Christians in Recovery

    Provides a lot of information and resources designed to help you overcome self defeating behaviors, thoughts and addictions that you desire to change. This is a group of recovering Christians who provide mutual sharing of faith, strength and hope.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Network (DARN)

    Has a searchable national database, including a variety of treatment types.


     The Addiction Treatment Alternatives Provider Databse provides detailed information to help you live an addiction-free, healthier life. You can find individual therapists, clinics and other professionals providing both 12-step and non-12-step therapy, plus a wide range of science-based alternative approaches and complementary medical support services.

Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

    This website includes a searchable quality-check database, so you can put in the name of a center, and its status and information will be located. (Facilities for alcoholism/addiction are under the category "behavioral health".)

National Alliance of Methadone Advocates

    This website includes lists of methadone providers, links to other websites. It's a good place to start for methadone information.

Nine step Pagans

     Initiated as a Pagan-friendly, but not other-exclusive, alternative to Judaeo-Christian oriented recovery groups, internet e-group support group with online chat meetings.

The Drug and Alcohnol Prevention Network

     Has links to many other pages for treatment, self-help groups, etc.

The Orange Papers

    Numerous essays written by an ex-AA member portraying, in great detail, the "lies" of AA, including Religious Roots of the 12 Steps, The 12 Biggest Secrets of AA, The Funny Spirituality of Bill wilson and AA and much, much more.

Positive Atheism Magazine

    A huge amount of articles, mainly regarding the trends of courts finding it unconstitutional to mandate sentencing to 12-step programs.

Stanton Peele Site

    Extensive collection of articles written by the famous alternative to AA man Stanton Peele.

Penn & Teller's show "Bull***" on Showtime

    Penn & Teller devoted this show to what they called the "12-Step Lies."

    A Reading list with links to many articles