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Melanie Solomon's breakthrough guidebookAA Not The Only Way-Your One Stop Resource Guide to 12-Step Alternatives– and her dynamic and informative interviews, presentations and workshops, are inspired by her own decade long nightmare and roller coaster ride through 12-step programs and facilities that simply didn't work for her and that didn't have, or wouldn't share, information about treatment alternatives. When she realized she was not one of the 3-5 percent of people AA and related programs were helping, she set out to identify professionals and treatment programs offering highly effective, scientifically proved and individualized alternatives. Topics she covers include:

Since the one-size-fits-all approach of AA and other 12-step treatments only works for 3-5 percent of people in the program, what are the alternatives for others seeking treatment for themselves , their loved ones or for those making recommendations?

What has three decades of scientific research shown and why are so many conventional addiction professionals and facilities so reluctant to accept and share the findings? Are the rights of people suffering from addiction being compromised by the lack of knowledge and information sharing in the recovery industry?

Is prescribing only one treatment ethical? What is the legal trend in the United States regarding AA and other 12-step programs?

According to one of the most exhaustive reviews of treatment literature, what are the top and bottom 10 abuse treatments? The findings will definitely surprise you!

There are four times as many problem drinkers as there are "alcoholics" in the United States and 9 out of 10 of them actively avoid traditional treatment approches. Are options like moderation management and harm reduction therapy right for them?

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